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Automotive Window Tint

Car tint is usually installed for one or two main reasons depending on the personal preferences and needs of the owner. However, there are many additional benefits to tint that not many car owners have considered and which make tint an all-round amazing idea no matter which way you look at it. Here are the top 6 reasons to get your car tinted

6 Main Reasons You Need Window Tint

Heat Reduction
Glare Reduction
99% U.V. Protection

Every Install we do here at A2 Customs comes with a lifetime warranty covering bubbling, peeling, cracking and color fading!

Headlight & Taillight Tint

One of the hottest automotive aesthetic trends!

We use the latest and best products to tint lights. The oracle film that we apply will leave your lights with a 100% bubble free, glossy appearance with every tint opacity in between lightly smoked to blacked out available. There are numerous benefits to using our film including

  • 100% reversible

  • Light Output is unaffected

  • Durable through all seasons

  • Will never fade or lose glossiness

Clear Paint Protection

Clear paint protection is the best way to protect your cars paint job from rock chips, scuffs, scrapes and blemishes. Save yourself from spending hundreds, even thousands by having A2 Customs install clear paint protection vinyl on your car and preserve your paint! Here are several reason to put clear paint protection on your car:

  • Many times cheaper that repainting or paying for paint correction

  • 100% removable

  • Lasts through winter and will never tarnish or fade

  • 100% transparent and undetectable over paint

Commercial & Residential Tinting

Windows add distinction, elegance and light to any home. However, window panes can be a great source of heat loss in the winter or heat gain in the summer.You may be faced with the options of adding window treatments or installing replacement windows to minimize this problem. There is, however, another option to consider – home window tinting! Besides sun control, residential window film can also do much to manage security concerns.

7 Main Reasons To Tint Your Home or Business

Tinting Minimizes Heat And AC Loss Through Windows
Protects Carpets Drapes & Furniture From Fading Thus Improving Energy Effeciency
Tint Cuts Back On The Sun’s Damaging UV Rays By Over 90%
Prevents Injury & Damage From Broken Glass
It Reduces Glare That Can Be Annoying
Tinting Is Decorative & Improves Aesthetics

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